Investment strategy

Our group of strategies are designed for an investment with a calculated risk, multiplying the return on investment for our allies.

About us

We are prepared to guide our allies and so as our society towards a better future.

Investment strategy

We develop a perfect balance for our investments through diversification within different sectors, creating a solid portfolio which includes early stage start-ups in constant growth and spin-offs companies from well-established firms.

Who we are

We are risk analysts with complete experience that help us find unique opportunities with a high level of positive impact and we can achieve that by focusing on generating meaningful alliances between investors and entrepreneurs. With the main purpose of creating positive global impacts to improve the life quality of as many people as possible.

Our team

Ján Rehák, PHD
Managing Partner - CSO

Entrepreneurship professor, speaker and researcher; Managing partner at a VC fund; Consultant for start-ups; Entrepreneur in social sector.

MER. René A. Cossío
Managing Partner - CMO

Entrepreneur & Business Developer. Started as an entrepreneur since 16 years old. Developed more than 12 Start-Ups & Companies in his career.

BCD. Jorge Magnus
Managing Partner - COO

Entrepreneur and Manager focused on developing meaningful results with a positive impact for the society, working daily to achieve professional and personal growth.

MIP. L. Fernando García
Managing Partner - CEO

Venture Capital Investor, Certified DMAIC/DFSS Six Sigma Black Belt, Innovation Leaderahip and Entrepreneurship professor.